hair stylist / level 2

Crystal completed her hairdressing course at l’École des Métiers des Faubourgs of Montréal in 2012. Following her course, she then went through advanced trainings in technical cut for women, cutting techniques on curly hair and a challenging colorist training at the renowned l’Oréal. In addition to her 7 years of experience in customer service, she has what we call here “un bon baggage”, meaning a great understanding of life! 

During her career, Crystal has had the opportunity to participate in several events in the world of fashion, she has worked for unique portfolios as well as fashion shows, including one at the famed Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Crystal is a meticulous young woman, highly communicative and patient but above all totally dedicated to her clients needs. In addition to meet great people, she loves the artistic side that hairdressing provides her in her day to day job. It’s everyone dream to do what they love and Crystal is living the dream!

Crystal is what you might call a foodie. She is passionate about everything related to food, whether it’s tasting it, preparing it or discovering it. She also enjoys travelling, hiking and, of course, occasionally lounging while listening to new series.

Her specialties are cuts, sweeps and colorings. Don’t hesitate to come and see her!

Crystal Salon Gamme