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Stylist & Colourist

Laura started her training at the École Supérieure de Coiffure de Genève where she successfully graduated in 2015. Since she doesn’t do anything halfway, she also followed a beauty & fashion makeup class during her last year of class.

Laura moved from Switzerland at the age of 19 to come to work in Quebec. It’s one of the accomplishments she’s most proud of. It must be said that it takes more than an average dose of courage and audacity to leave one’s country behind for new beginnings and it will certainly serve her throughout her career. She has also participated in the International Hairdressing Festival and has several photo shoots to her curriculum. 

She has a special affection for braiding and updos but above all, to the uncompromised happiness of others around her. Is there a better human quality in this world? Laura portrays the beauty of her craft as her participation in the little moments of happiness of every human being who sits in her chair. This way of seeing things is evidently reflected in her personality, making her a person who listens and cares for her clients.

In her spare time Laura enjoys paddle boarding, eating dumplings, pizza and contemporary dance. We find that she has more than one skillset! A moment in her chair will convince you!