Marie-Ève Salon Gamme

Hair Stylist / Level 2

Marie-Ève completed her hairdressing course in 2012 at the Jon Raymond Institute in Moncton, New Brunswick. She subsequently obtained her Red Seal certification in 2014, which allows her to practice her profession in all the provinces of Canada. Adding to that, she is also certified as a colorist with L’Oréal Canada. 

Marie-Ève is an artist at heart and has worked all across the country. She has also participated in several fashion shows and photo shoots. She loves the fact that her job allows her to create and express her creativity and she is constantly impressed by the new techniques made available to her in order to achieve the desired result. The constant evolution of the world of hairdressing keeps her passionate and enthusiastic about her profession. 

Marie-Ève specializes in coloring with a penchant for blondes. She likes to do everything, but it’s the bob cuts and the men’s cuts that are her favorites. 

She is passionate about everything related to arts, from music and painting to tattoos and cooking. She is a person with a beautiful open mind who takes a real pleasure in travelling and making new encounters. 

Come and sit down on her chair, you only risk happiness!

Marie-Ève Salon Gamme